The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

Ummm—maybe not so much.

Ken Hamilton of the Niagara Gazette wrote in an opinion piece recently

You would think that most of us old-timers remember from elementary school the story of Chicken Little and the sky is falling, but one has to wonder with the latest vote that our city council unanimously passed to prohibit the treatment of frack water within the city limits.
The issues is, at this time, a non-issue; and it should have remained as such until those whom we pay, the Department of Environmental Conservation, presents the science on the issue, instead of what amounted to villagers with sharpened pitchforks and torches aflame with emotion.
Whether I agree with the subject of fracking or not is not the issue. Whereas, sometimes the devil is in the details, most of the time the devil is in the arguments for or against something...
...Here are the facts:
• Natural gas is the preferred means of heating the homes in Niagara Falls, and its cost will rise based on supply and demand curves; and Niagarans already can afford to pay to stay warm.
• There are currently some 2,000 fracking wells in New York state already, mostly in southern and central New York. The city of Auburn has reversed its ban on the treatment of frack water...
There's more—definitely read the whole thing.