The EPA's role in NYS

First, some history...Mr. Armendariz at EPA ultimately resigned over his "crucifixion" remarks but he'll be back, somewhere—they always are. The back story is linked at One of Nine.

And we should be afraid, very afraid, of EPA.  At EID:

Recent revelations regarding the deliberate attempts by a regional EPA administrator to “crucify” the oil and gas industry raise troubling questions about EPA political agendas in other regions.  One of these is New York Region 2 out of New York City, which commented on New York’s Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) with a long list of complaints seemingly designed to undermine the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.  Our Rockefeller-funded anti-natural gas friend Walter Hang notes “EPA Region 2 submitted nearly twice as many pages of critical comments regarding the Revised Draft SGEIS than the original 2009 draft SGEIS”... 

Oh there's a feature and not a bug.

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