AP story: "Spin overtaking facts in Marcellus Shale debate"

Editor's note: DSEC was formed to encourage rational discussion of the issues surrounding energy development and to seek the truth of the matter.  We believe that there is a "middle way" in which we can both protect our environment and gain the advantages of economic development and lessened foreign energy dependence that will follow from energy development done in a safe, regulated way.

PITTSBURGH -- Some insist Marcellus Shale natural gas is a huge economic boom for America, while others are certain it's an environmental catastrophe.

Gas drilling from the Marcellus pollutes groundwater, or it never pollutes groundwater. It's cleaner than coal or oil, except that it's dirty.

It provides a boost to hard-hit rural economies; but then again, maybe it doesn't.

The one point of agreement?

Scientists say advocates on both sides increasingly spin every shred of research to fit their own views and ignore the bigger picture..

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